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Advantages of Polyester Material Hexagonal Fish Farming Net


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Advantages of polyester fishing net :

Polyester deep sea aquaculture network because of its semi-rigid structure can resist the attack of fierce predators, only need a single layer of net can not need to add protective nets.
PET polyester hexagonal net clothing life is 10 times the life of traditional net clothing.

Polyester (PET) deep water net clothing is made of smooth surface, rigid, very strong and light weight polyester (PET) monofilament woven from hexagonal shape net clothing.

Pure polyester (PET) deep water hexagonal mesh is woven monofilament smooth surface significantly reduce the fouling adhesion of sea creatures, the cleaning workload than the traditional mesh to reduce more than three times.

Polyester deep water hexagonal net clothing unique semi-steel structure can be in the strong ocean forces can maintain the original shape almost no deformation, even if the grid is damaged it will not be easy to be pulled apart can be more effective in preventing the risk of breeding fish escape.

Pure polyester (PET) monofilament made of deep water cage, sea water cage, compared with the traditional polyethylene material made of deep water cage, with light weight, good water flow.

Pure polyester (PET) monofilament deep water cage water flow is good, pure polyester (PET) monofilament surface is smooth, does not absorb water and does not absorb moisture, greatly improve the fluidity of the water, thus improving the oxygen content of the cage, can improve the rate of fish generation, reduce the frequency of fish disease, so that the quality of fish has been improved.

Post time: Jul-20-2022