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Expectations for the wired networking market are rising with rising demand and changing trends, leading companies, consumption, prices and growth rates in 2022-2028.

Stone cage net is to make the stone filling fixed in place of the wire or polymer screen format production. A wire cage is a mesh or welded structure made of wire. Both structures may be electroplated, and braided wire boxes may be additionally coated with PVC. With weathering resistant hard stone as filler, it will not be broken quickly due to abrasion in the stone box or stone cage sinking row. The stone cage with different types of stone has different characteristics. Multi-angle stone can interlock with each other well, with its filled stone cage is not easy to deformation. In landscape engineering, highway revetment, embankment revetment and steep slope revetment have always been a headache for engineers and technicians. Over the years, they have been exploring a process that can not only meet the protection requirements for the stability of mountains and beaches, but also achieve the effect of greening the environment, while also being economical and convenient. Gradually, this process began to surface, it is the ecological stone cage net application process. Ecological stone cage net application process is to use high strength galvanized steel wire woven into different specifications of rectangular cage, cage filled with stone structure. After this structure is applied to the bank slope protection, under the dual action of human and natural factors, the gap between the stones is constantly filled with soil. The plant seeds gradually take root and grow in the soil between the rocks, and the roots hold the rocks and soil in place. In this way, the slope can realize the purpose of protection and greening, improve the ecology, soil and water conservation effect is also very significant.

Ecological gabion cage technology has four advantages:

First, the construction is simple, ecological stone cage cage technology only needs to seal the stone into the cage, do not need special technology, do not need water and electricity.

Two is low cost, ecological stone cage net cost per square meter only 15 yuan.

Third, the landscape and protection effect is good. Ecological stone cage technology using engineering measures and plant measures combined, can effectively prevent soil and water loss, landscape effect is quick, landscape effect is more natural, more rich.

Four is the long service life, ecological stone cage cage technology life for decades, and generally without maintenance. Because of this, the Yangtze River Huangshi section embankment project, Taihu Lake flood control levee protection project, Three Gorges Sandouping revetment project and so on have adopted this process.

Post time: Sep-16-2022