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The market of polyester net(PET net) is very promising

Research and development of PET Net were initialized in Japan in 1982. It was put into a trial for tuna fish cage in 1985. After the successful experiment, the PET net swept the fish farming sector all over Japan with the given name STK net from 1988. By the time when AKVA group stepped in to test this material, over 4000 net cages had been installed in Japan by Kasutani Fishing Net.


Since it’s born, Kasutani also entered the land sector and used PET net as civil engineering materials such as rockfall protection nets between 2002 and 2005 and since then remained active in Japan in many other fields.


In 2008 the civil engineering company Maccaferri, an Italian company, got interested in this PET net in civil engineering. They bought the technology from Japan, gave it the trade name KIKKONET and get registered in Australia, Canada, China, Malaysia, and the USA

Maccaferri spent the following three years developing and build a plant in Malaysia to produce the PET net. Three years researching and testing begun to solidify the confidence among big fish farms.

Hebei Hengtuo Machinery Equipment Co,.Ltd is a professinal factory which produces high quality polyester net(PET net) weaving machine and polyester net(PET net) in China. The investment in this machine is very promising because we have the core technology so that we can give a very proper price. The profit space for you is large so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Post time: Sep-02-2022