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Wire mesh is cost-effective and widely used in architectural decoration

Product price advantage

1. Stainless steel wire mesh cost-effective, with different patterns and different order quantity related. As the product has the advantages of elegant appearance, beautiful appearance and convenient construction, it is described as a new high-grade decoration material for modern decoration by designers and owners, and has a very good market prospect.

2. Stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used in the inner and outer walls of the construction engineering. The design institute and the owner can choose the appropriate wire mesh according to the installation part and investment amount of the project. Stainless steel wire mesh with its gorgeous, durable, strong, environmental protection, easy cleaning and other advantages of architectural decoration industry.

3. The recognition of more and more architects is especially suitable for the curtain wall industry of architecture. It can be used in the interior wall panels, ceiling, front desk and partition, railings, stairs and balcony partition, column and other parts of the decoration, but also as the exhibition and booth special decoration, both beautiful and generous, but also to show the characteristics of the product.




Application field

The museum

The product can also be widely used in high-end museums, not only to decorate valuables, of course, but also play a role in anti-theft. It is reflected in such aspects of the advantage of the big theme of energy saving in China. It is also possible to decorate the columns of airport lobbies, post offices and banks. Stainless steel wire mesh can also be used in many other fields. The use of stainless steel wire mesh is popular in European countries. I believe that every designer and owner who has been to Europe will be in foreign contact with the application of stainless steel wire mesh project. At present, the production of wire mesh in the world of the United States, Germany.

National Grand Theatre

Stainless steel wire mesh in China has been successfully used in Shanghai F1 race track, Beijing’s National Grand Theatre, Guangzhou second Children’s Palace, Beijing Residence, Suzhou Property building, Suzhou Merchants real estate “Evian waterfront” is also about to be used in Beijing Gemdale International Building, Shanghai’s “Sunshine European city” and other projects. Wire mesh is the symbol of China in the field of architectural decoration, and is only used in the field of high-grade buildings. Mainly because the price is a little bit expensive, but many designers were the first to realize the beauty of this material and design it into architectural elements. With the continuous development of China’s economic construction and the further improvement of living standards, metal wire mesh this high-tech products will be further applied in more fields.

Post time: Jun-21-2022