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Pet Material Hexagonal Wire Mesh

  • EverNet Polyester(PET) hexagonal mesh fish farming net pen

    EverNet Polyester(PET) hexagonal mesh fish farming net pen

    PET Net/Mesh is super resistant to corrosion. Corrosion resistance is a very important factor for both land and underwater applications. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is in nature resistant to most chemicals, and there is no need for any anti-corrosive treatment.

    PET Net/Mesh is designed to withstand UV rays. According to actual-use records in southern Europe, the monofilament remains its shape and color and 97% of its strength after 2.5 years of outdoor using in harsh climates.

    PET wire is very strong for its light weight. 3.0mm monofilament has a strength of 3700N/377KGS while it only weights 1/5.5 of the 3.0mm steel wire. It remains a high tensile strength for decades below and above water.

    It’s very easy to clean PET Net/Mesh. PET mesh fence is very easy to clean. For most cases, warm water, and some dish soap or fence cleaner is enough to get a dirty PET mesh fence looking new again.

  • HGTOKIKKONET Fish Farming Net Made In China

    HGTOKIKKONET Fish Farming Net Made In China

    Advantages of our HGTOKIKKONET Products: Light weight: easy to work at sea. Good water mobility: greatly improve the water mobility, so as to improve the oxygen content of the cage, can improve the speed of fish generation, reduce the frequency of fish disease, so that the quality of fish has been promoted Strong wind resistance: its unique semi-steel structure can be in the strong ocean forces can retain the original shape of almost no deformation Not easy to rise: pure polyester (PET) monof...
  • Polyester  Material Aquaculture Net For fish farming cage

    Polyester Material Aquaculture Net For fish farming cage

    PET Fish Farming Cage Netting ensures maximum water flow to the fish. This is due to the very low water drag resistance of the smooth monofilament PET and the semi-rigid structure that retains mesh opening and prevents overall net shape collapse.

  • Polyester Material Gabion Wire Mesh

    Polyester Material Gabion Wire Mesh

    HexFarm is a desirable alternative to other livestock fence panels. You can make an inexpensive and affordable enclosure for your precious investment. The double-twisted weaving design can withstand impact from animals and prevent buckling or sagging. HexFarm can resist breakage because of the strong enough strength of the single line as well as the mesh panel and with the very smooth and reasonably strong lines of the panels, you never have a chance to get hurt your hog, cattle, sheep or goat, and horse. The fence panel can be easily installed with new posts or simply attached to your existing fence posts and rails.