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  • Introduction to hexagonal mesh

    Introduction to hexagonal mesh Also known as twisting flower net, insulation net, soft edge net. Name: hexagonal net Material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, PVC wire, copper wire Knitting and weaving: straight twist, reverse twist, two-way twisting, first after plating, first plati...
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  • hexagonal wire mesh manufacturing machine

    PLC control straight and reverse hexagonal wire mesh machine Raw material:Galvanized steel wire,low carbon steel wire,stainless steel wire,etc. Advantage: 1.PLC control and touch screen.More technical parameters can be set and adjusted on the touch screen. Very convenient for workers to operate. ...
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  • Expectations for the wired networking market are rising with rising demand and changing trends, leading companies, consumption, prices and growth rates in 2022-2028.

    Stone cage net is to make the stone filling fixed in place of the wire or polymer screen format production. A wire cage is a mesh or welded structure made of wire. Both structures may be electroplated, and braided wire boxes may be additionally coated with PVC. With weathering resistant hard ston...
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  • Salmar to spend NOK 2.3 billion on new marine cages

    Salmar to spend NOK 2.3 billion on new marine cages

    Last week, Salmar submitted an application to the Department of Fisheries for an offshore site for a planned sea cage fish farm. The investment is estimated at NOK 2.3 billion. Salmar will not begin construction of the plant until final site approval has been received. When this happens, the Bure...
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  • The market of polyester net(PET net) is very promising

    Research and development of PET Net were initialized in Japan in 1982. It was put into a trial for tuna fish cage in 1985. After the successful experiment, the PET net swept the fish farming sector all over Japan with the given name STK net from 1988. By the time when AKVA group stepped in to tes...
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  • The stone cage net is divided into several materials?

    The stone cage net is divided into several materials?

    1:galvanized steel wire: high quality low carbon steel wire, the diameter of steel wire 2.0mm-4.0mm, the tensile strength of steel wire 350-550mpa/mm2, the surface of steel wire using hot dip galvanized protection, galvanized protective layer thickness according to customer requirements, galvaniz...
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  • Resume of technical consultant of Hebei Hengtuo Machinery Equipment Co., LTD

    Name: Jia Jiancai Gender: male Education: University Graduated from: Jilin University of Technology Major: Mechanical processing technology and equipment Position: Director of Research Office Title: Senior engineer of researcher level Work Unit: The 55th Research Institute of China North Industri...
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  • Performance Of HGTOKIKKONET Fish Farming Net:

    The product application: Road protection, river protection, coastal protection, slope protection, stone cage net, bridge protection, anti falling net, mariculture and other industries are widely used. Product performance: 1. Economy: the average proportion of polyester twisted mesh is 80% lower...
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    The war between Marine life and “ghost net” never stops. Walking along the beach, you can see the discarded fishing nets within a few steps, which are all round and tangled. Gently pull away with the hand, did not expect to just see the tip of the iceberg. They come from the depths o...
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  • Advantages of Polyester Material Hexagonal Fish Farming Net

    Hebei Hengtuo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of polyester hexagonal net equipment, Advantages of polyester fishing net : Polyester deep sea aquaculture network because of its semi-rigid structure can resist the attack of fierce predators, only need a single layer of...
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  • Wire mesh production process is divided into what?

    Wire mesh production process is divided into what?

    Wire mesh production process is divided into: what? The production process of wire mesh is divided into: braided type, spot welding type, cut pull type, stamping type, surround type, screw system, anchoring type, collectively referred to as wire mesh or wire mesh. Steel wire mesh further developm...
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  • Wire mesh is cost-effective and widely used in architectural decoration

    Wire mesh is cost-effective and widely used in architectural decoration

    Product price advantage 1. Stainless steel wire mesh cost-effective, with different patterns and different order quantity related. As the product has the advantages of elegant appearance, beautiful appearance and convenient construction, it is described as a new high-grade decoration material for...
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