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The role of the stone cage net

One, the role of the stone cage net: retaining wall:

The retaining wall and the slope protection laid by the cage, the cage material for the loose body, there are more pores, conducive to the masonry after filling and slope protection soil layer in the pore water rolling, surface water once infiltration soil, can be used over the masonry faster rolling, effectively low public water level, thus reducing the wall and the slope of the open water pressure, Green grid structure in landslide control and debris flow prevention projects, water in time to reduce the probability of wall damage, at the same time, the wall good deformation ability can probably effectively slow down the external force of the attack. Stone cage net is widely used, can play points such as pressure, can be based on the surface device to settle, change, at the same time they must have the ability to play the weight of stone and other stone cage net on them, they can withstand rain erosion, still maintain the completeness of the structure.

二 The role of the stone cage net: bridge net:

Stone cage net can be used in the bridge or bridge side, to stabilize the bridge base or solid surrounding soil. Stone cage net protection body is composed of a plurality of cages “cage group”, mesh wire has a strong tensile strength, cage and add material between the composition of a strong protective structure, the use of containment interval to reduce the movement between stone, effectively enhance the stability of the structure, with the growth of time, the effectiveness of the stone cage net will be more obvious.

三:The role of the stone cage net: ecological elegance:

Stone cage net is the geographical field of anti corruption, solid river bed, river management of ideal environmental protection material, stone cage net with natural biological engineering structure, construction once realized, it has the situation of natural light results, this is a stone cage net structure of a major emergency, they will not only refrain from animal growth, but also for animal natural growth, root development and other build a good ecological situation, It provides a good interbiological habitat for humans and animals. Furthermore, it reduces ambient noise and provides a more absorbable drainage and filtration system.


Four, the role of the stone cage net: large water conservancy projects:

The stone cage net has the permeability, the gap between the stone in the net, the supply of sufficient water area, reduce the hydrostatic pressure, do not need the drainage device and the easy crack of the concrete device, in the big place to do protective engineering, stone between the pores, make the wind and waves play on the net mat, the effect of the wind and waves, the vacuum suction generated when the wind and waves back is also destroyed, Can effectively achieve the effect of protection. The pores in the green grid cage and net pad are self-cleaning capabilities of water, protecting and innovating the water source and water quality, and replenishing the material. The pores may naturally deposit the soil through the laying soil layer, which creates the skills for greening and filling. Even if seeds are not scattered, animals will naturally grow out, completing the optimization, deifying the situation, innovating and restoring the ecological situation. In hydraulic engineering, the use of stone cage net is very economic, stone cage net system is composed of steel wire cage and add material, than usually build material capital is low, our net is condensed into the box after the past can be directly added to the stone, add material only to be able to resist weathering has a positive strength can be, usually the engineering site, such as the level of stone can be filler, Occasionally so that some of the cleaner construction dregs can be used as filler, so the capital is low, especially when the foundation condition is poor, can throttle the proportion of the engineering cost of the foundation treatment.

Post time: May-06-2023