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Wire mesh in architectural decoration with the cheapest materials, give play to the ultimate sense of advanced!

In recent years, the building decoration industry develops rapidly, and the styles and varieties of building materials emerge in endlessly. Stainless steel wire mesh (also known as architectural metal fabric) is one of them. This product participated in Hamburg expo 2000, Germany, and the booth made by Deutsche Telekom attracted widespread attention and praise. In addition to the common characteristics of other similar products, it also has a wide range of applications, beautiful and generous, unique performance, durable characteristics, with good prospects for development.

Stainless steel wire mesh for construction this product is made of stainless steel rod and stainless steel wire (rope) under the action of pure machine controlled by computer. There are a variety of patterns, beautiful and noble; Different patterns can have different application directions, if the same application using different patterns will get different effects. Woven wire mesh size maximum width of 8.5m, unlimited length.

It can be applied to indoor and outdoor decorative curtain wall, wall, ceiling, baluster, front desk and partition, floor decoration and even itself into a circle and then put in a bulb, it becomes a lamp. Simple, elegant and changeable, stainless steel wire mesh is a unique architectural decoration material, which adds an unparalleled sense of time and space to the architect’s architectural design. Through the perspective of the picture, the stainless steel wire mesh presents a new vision. Depending on the time of day, it can present an infinitely changing and flowing picture through the constant change of shadows.




Product structure changes

Production process

Similar products in our country are made by semi-hand weaving. Shortcomings are reflected in the process of the net (stability), edge sealing problem (solder joints are yellow and black), material problems (gradually yellow and dark) and the associated installation complexity problem (increase the cost in the installation), can not meet the needs of large quantities of products, the other is a single variety.

Technical mechanical knitting

German computer program control machine braiding machine and German technology, solved afore-mentioned defect greatly, productivity rises significantly, breed of design and color can choose more, change is convenient. Stainless steel wire mesh is mainly woven by different warp and weft, there are different warp and weft specifications to choose from, with a high degree of light penetration ability. The weft threads can be woven into 2, 3, 4, and the width of the holes can be changed.

Structural change

The front and back structures are different, and the spacing width can be changed according to the structural needs of the project or according to different parts of the project. Spacing change is convenient, the production of uniform products, beautiful lines, processing is more convenient.

Product installation process

Support points are used to reduce the load of the structure. Substructures with upper and lower connection points must have fixed intermediate supports on each floor, depending on the size of the individual units comprising it, reducing the maximum load on the substructure and the possible deviation of the grid.

In terms of installation can be said to be very simple, stainless steel wire mesh can only be mechanically installed, installation procedures are very simple, bearing and screws can put it installed beautifully, of course, according to the different engineering, installation methods may have hundreds of kinds, but it is absolutely safe and practical.

Post time: Jun-21-2022