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Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Material Hexagonal Fishing Net Weaving Machine

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In seawater applications, PET net combines the advantages of less bio-fouling of copper mesh and lightweight of traditional fiber fish-farming nets.

For land applications, PET mesh is not only corrosion-free like vinyl fencing but also cost-effective like chain link fence.

The hexagonal mesh machine of this brand has the following unique advantages:

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Spring of jiangbulake: 123456
  • sds: rwrrwr
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    The advantage of PET hexagonal wire mesh:

    1. PET Net/Mesh is Super Resistant to Corrosion. Corrosion resistance is a very important factor for both land and underwater applications. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is in nature resistant to most chemicals, and there is no need for any anti-corrosive treatment. PET monofilament has an obvious advantage over steel wire in this regard. To prevent corrosion, the traditional steel wire either has galvanized coating or PVC coating, however, both are only temporarily corrosion resistant. A wide variety of plastic coating or galvanized coating for wires has been utilized but none of these have proven completely satisfactory.

    2. PET Net/Mesh is designed to withstand UV rays. According to actual-use records in southern Europe, the monofilament remains its shape and color and 97% of its strength after 2.5 years of outdoor using in harsh climates; an actual-use record in Japan shows that fish farming net made of PET monofilament retains in good condition underwater over 30 years.

    3. PET wire is Very Strong for its Light Weight. 3.0mm monofilament has a strength of 3700N/377KGS while it only weights 1/5.5 of the 3.0mm steel wire. It remains a high tensile strength for decades below and above water.

    4. It’s very easy to clean PET Net/Mesh. PET mesh fence is very easy to clean. For most cases, warm water, and some dish soap or fence cleaner is enough to get a dirty PET mesh fence looking new again. For tougher stains, adding some mineral spirits is more than enough.

    5. There are Two Types of PET Mesh Fence. The two types of polyester fences are virgin PET and recycled PET. Virgin PET is the most common type as it is the most widely developed and used. It is made from polyethylene Terephthalate and is extruded from virgin resin. Recycled PET is made from recycled plastics and is usually of a lower quality than virgin PET.

    6. PET Net/Mesh is Non-Toxic. Unlike many plastic materials, PET mesh is not treated with hazardous chemicals. As PET is recyclable, it is spared from being treated with such chemicals. What’s more, since PET wire is made from natural materials, harsh chemicals are not needed for protection or other reasons.

    So Let’s show advantages of  our Polyester Hexagonal wire mesh machine:

    1. The use of winding frame design eliminates the need for the spring-making process of twisting the hexagonal mesh.

    2. The winding frame adopts a modular design. Each set of winding frames has an independent power unit, which can work independently or be assembled with other winding frames.

    3. The winding system uses servo winding + servo cycloid system, which can be controlled precisely and stably without an air compressor.

    4. Power-off protection system, when the equipment is suddenly powered off during operation, the control data will be automatically corrected when restarted, and the action will not be chaotic due to loss of data due to power-off.

    5. One-key restoration system, when the winding set does not match with the net twisting machine, after troubleshooting the equipment, turn the equipment to the designated position to correct the action with one key.

    6. Intelligent heating system, the heat setting roller adopts intelligent heating system, which can control the temperature at the set value.

    7. The heat-setting heating tube adopts high-performance conductive slip ring to conduct electricity, refuses dangerous exposed conductive copper ring, and the shell is safe and insulated, which can withstand high temperature of 160 degrees.

    8. Sliding tension control provides stable tension control for each thread.

    This kind of machine can weave a variety of hexagonal PET meshes. PET net pen will be widely used in deep sea aquaculture in the future and the market is very promising. The investment in this machine now will bring back great benifit to you later.


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