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High speed automatic steel wire drawing machine

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Different from the ordinary wire drawing machine, the direct feed wire drawing machine adopts AC frequency conversion control technology or DC programmable control system and screen display, with high degree of automation, convenient operation and high quality of drawn products. It is suitable for drawing various metal wires with diameter less than 12 mm.

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Production Process 

High carbon wire raw material→ High pay-off frame/Hydraulic wire pay off→ Shelling and Rust removal →Wire rod sand belt polishing machine→ Online boron coating and drying machine →MY7/560 straight line Wire Drawing Machine→Tension device → Wire take-up machine


1. high speed
2. high productivity
3. low noise
4. low cost


Straightening Type Wire Drawing Machine
Items MY/1000(800) MY/800(700) MY/600(560) MY/450(400)
Drum Dia.(mm) 1000(800) 800(700) 600(560) 450(400)
Drawing times 9 10 10 10
Inlet Dia.(mm) Φ10-Φ8 Φ9-Φ6.5 Φ6.5-Φ5.5 Φ14-8
Outlet Dia.(mm) Φ3.5-Φ2.8 Φ2.8-Φ2.0 Φ2.0-Φ1.7 Φ1-0.8
Speed(times/min) 360 480 720 840
Tensile Strength(Mpa) ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300 ≤1300
Total compressibility(%) 87.75 90.53 90.53 90.23
Average compressibility(%) 20.80 21.0 21.0 20.83
Single motor power(KW) 90-45 75-37 37-22 15-7.5

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