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Polyester fish farming net making machine

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Combine the market demand, bring forth the new through the old and improve the production efficiency. Horizontal structure is adopted to make the machine run more smoothly.

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PET Hexagonal Wire Mesh VS Normal Iron Hexagonal Wire Mesh

characteristic PET hexagonal wire mesh Normal iron wire hexagonal mesh
Unit weight (specific gravity) Light (small) Heavy (large)
 strength High, consistent High, decreasing year by year
elongation low low
 heat stability high temperature resistance Degraded year by year
anti-aging Weathering resistance
acid-base resistance property acid and alkali resistant perishable
hygroscopicity Not hygroscopic Easy to moisture absorption
Rust situation Never rust Easy to rust
electrical conductivity non-conducting Easy conductive
service time long short
use-cost low tall

Advantages of PET Wire Mesh Machine

1. Combine the market demand, bring forth the new through the old and improve the production efficiency.
2. Horizontal structure is adopted to make the machine run more smoothly.
3. The volume is reduced, the floor area is reduced, the electricity consumption is greatly reduced, and the cost is reduced in many aspects.
4. The operation is more simple and the long-term labor cost is greatly reduced.
5. The use of winding frame design, the removal of the hexagon net spring process
6. The winding frame adopts modular design, each group of winding frame has an independent power unit, can work independently or can be assembled with other winding frame.
7. Winding system using servo winding + servo cycloid system, accurate control, stable control, without air compressor.


PET Hexagonal Mesh Machine Host Introduction

1. Adopting horizontal structure, the machine runs more smoothly.
2. Reduced volume, reduced floor area, greatly reduced electricity consumption, and reduced costs in many aspects.
3. The operation is more simple, two people can operate, greatly reducing the long-term labor cost.


Specification of PET Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machine (Main Machine Specification)

Mesh Size(mm) MeshWidth WireDiameter NumberofTwists Motor Weight
30*40 2400mm 2.0-3.5mm 3 main machine7.5kw 5.5t
50*70 2400mm 2.0-4.0mm 3 main machine7.5kw 5.5t

Application Range

Road protection; Bridge protection; For network.
Rivers protection; Coastal protection; Sea farming.
Gabion box; Underground coal mine.

Features / benefits of Polyethylene Terephthalate (Pet) hexagonal fishing net

PET is very strong for its light weight. 3.0mm monofilament has strength of 3700N/377KGS while it only weights 1/5.5 of the 3.0mm steel wire. It remains high tensile strength for decades below and above water.
HexPET net is a type of woven net with double twisted hexagonal meshes, made of UV resistant, strong but lightweight 100% polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) monofilaments. It’s a new material for fence fabric Combining traditional weaving technique and inventively new usage of the PET material.We have developed the new mesh PET hexagonal net in china and applied for patent for its manufacture machine. With numbers of advantages,Our HexPET net has establishing its important position in more and more applications: firstly aquaculture, then fence and netting system in residential, sporting, agriculture and slope protection systems.Recently in Austrilia, Our HexPET net is applied in a govenment seaside fence project and well proved for economic and superior corrosion-resistance.

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