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Hexagonal Wire Mesh Machines For Making Chicken Cage

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The working mode of hand-held fiber laser welding machine, hand-held welding is flexible and convenient, and the welding distance is longer.

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Advantages of Mingyang CNC hexagonal mesh machine:

Advantages of Mingyang CNC hexagonal mesh machine:
Servo control system is used for control.
DELTA servo control system, with self diagnosis function.
Low noise and stable operation.
The operation is convenient and fast.
The data communication interface can be selected to connect with the control system, and RS-485 communication interface can be equipped according to the needs of users.





Push Board Axis

We use a safe and beautiful optical axis here. Direct touch the optical axis will not cause harm, and the optical axis looks beautiful and more wearable.


Leadscrew Rail

We use high precision ball screw and linear guide, reduce the load of the motor, improve the accuracy of twists, and the material of bearing steel makes it more wearable and durable.


Hole for Hoist

We designed the lifting hole in the machine box on both sides of the machine, you can refer to the lifting method in the instruction manual for the quick and easy lifting work.


Volume Net Adjustment

We designed the friction plate  in the mesh compress part, and used the spring pressure to easily adjust the speed of  collecting wire mesh.


Detection of Light

We used a sense light at one side of the machine, which has a variety of colors, and different lights indicate different signals to be more intuitive.


Copper Plate

Here we use the copper plate, the copper plate material will be reduced during the friction of the rack, reduce the motion resistance of the rack, and improve the service life.


Automatically Stop

Broken wire detection device, when the mesh is damaged or the wire was broken the machine will automatic stop and the sense light will illume . The automatic stop device can accurately detect each mesh size.


The Toolkit

We designed a toolbox at the big box of the machine,  to allow the operator to place the tools.

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