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Polyester Material Aquaculture Net For fish farming cage

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PET Fish Farming Cage Netting ensures maximum water flow to the fish. This is due to the very low water drag resistance of the smooth monofilament PET and the semi-rigid structure that retains mesh opening and prevents overall net shape collapse.

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This has resulted in some of the best ever production results in large scale salmon farming, such as higher SGR, lower FCR, lower mortality and higher fish harvest quality.

PET Fish Farming Cage Netting is used as shark nets as protection outside popular beaches.



Made of polyester. Available in four colors, black, white, blue and green.


Circular and square fish cages, sandbag covers (during floods), fencing, and in agricultural applications.


Compared with the common fishing net, the PET deep-sea aquaculture net has the characteristics of high wind and wave resistance, UV radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, sea creature resistance, deformation resistance, non-water absorption, light weight, environmental protection and pollution-free. The cost of fish farming cages is greatly reduced with these features. While Galvanized wire and zinc-aluminum wire woven hexagonal mesh will cause ecological environment problems such as zinc and aluminum exceeding the standard, resulting in ecological environment pollution, the PET hexagonal net using a variety of anti-corrosion, anti-aging technology and efficient non-toxic, anti-fouling technology, the ecological environment will not cause any pollution. With double service life, It can also be recycled for innocuous treatment.

HGTO-KIKKONET Features / benefits

PET Net is lightweight and easy to install. It has strength against tears as well as high durability when exposed to UV rays and the elements. It is non-corrosive, non-conductive, inexpensive to maintain, and has resistance against chemicals, seawater, and acids. PET net is also environmentally friendly.

Net Pens Made With Pet Net, Provide

Optimum conditions for the growth of many fish species.
Reduction of the whole-life-costs.
Reduction of operational costs.

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